Meal Payment Options

The Quincy Public Schools has a computer based Point of Sale System (POS) to record meal, milk and a la carte food sales. This system is in place at all secondary level schools and is being implemented at the elementary school level this spring. Each student has an assigned identification (PIN) number to access their account. The POS system accurately tracks account balances and ensures that students receiving free or reduced-price meals are not overtly identified.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to pre-pay money into their student(s) accounts in order to help move students quickly through the lunch line, giving them more time to enjoy their meal. Other benefits include eliminating the need to give students cash each day which might be lost or spent elsewhere.

Prepayment can be made in any amount before school or at the breakfast/lunch period in the form of cash or checks. Checks should be made payable to the QPS Food Service Department and must include the student(s) full name and classroom on the face of the check or envelope containing cash.

Prepayments can also be made online at by credit card or e-check. Follow the link to My School Bucks Notice & Instruction. Parents/Guardians can monitor their student(s) accounts on this web site even if they do not wish to pay online.

Student accounts are not a credit card account. Students who do not have cash to pay or money on their account will be allowed to “charge” their meal (no snacks) on an exception only basis (they forgot their lunch money). Students are expected to repay the amount due the next day. Elementary and Middle School Parents/Guardians of students with three or more meal “charges” on their account will be notified that a balance is due.