11.5.2021 Message from Superintendent Mulvey

11.5.2021 Message from Superintendent Mulvey
Posted on 11/05/2021

Dear Quincy Public Schools Community,

Today we were notified of alarming incidents involving North Quincy and Quincy High School student misconduct, specifically video and audio files containing sexual harassment and hate speech that was shared on social media under the guise of athletic rivalry.  This misconduct is extremely disturbing to the targeted adults and students and the entire Quincy Public Schools community.  There is an investigation underway and this offensive and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated and the students involved will be held accountable and appropriately disciplined.  It is a major concern for all of us that these media files reflect popular culture but the students involved lack the maturity and understanding of their impact on the school community of creating and sharing such content.   

Quincy Public Schools is committed to working with students to promote healthy relationships through student activism and voice.   Beginning in July, High School Health Interventionists and Health Educators have been coordinating with DOVE Inc’s YouthSpeak Program to provide peer-led curriculum and opportunities for students to develop social skills, challenge stereotypes, raise awareness about sexism and sexual harassment, and create momentum for reflection and change.  It is important to foster conversation within the whole school community to talk, share, and plan for positive change.

Next steps will include supporting the High School Athletic Directors and coaches in working with team captains and players about positive leadership, having respect for all, addressing hate speech, and respecting the privilege of representing the school as a member of an athletic team.  If you have concerns about your student being affected by this issue, please contact your student’s guidance counselor, QHS Principal Larry Taglieri at 617-376-3352 or [email protected], NQHS Principal Keith Ford at 617-984-8744 or [email protected], or me at 617-984-8701 or [email protected].


Kevin W. Mulvey, J.D., Superintendent of Schools        

 Keith Ford, Principal, NQHS                             

 Lawrence Taglieri, Principal, QHS

 J.J. Niamkey, NQHS Director of Athletics & Wellness

 Kevin Mahoney, QHS Director of Athletics & Wellness