11.16.2021 Message from Montclair Principal

11.16.2021 Message from Montclair Principal Malvesti
Posted on 11/16/2021

Dear Montclair School Parents,

This letter is to inform you that a paring knife was discovered in the boy’s restroom on the 3rd floor.  As you know, our school is committed to the safety and education of all our students and we want to clearly communicate with parents about safety issues when they arise.  The discovery was made at 2:00 pm this afternoon and the boys in Grades 2 and 5 who use this particular restroom were immediately interviewed by Assistant Principal Mary Hurley, School Psychologist Lisa Chan, and me.  During the interview process, students were not specifically told what was found in the bathroom.  The interviews did not result in identifying who was responsible and additional interviews will be conducted tomorrow.  Superintendent Kevin Mulvey and Director of Safety & Security Michael Draicchio have both been notified. 

We ask that you speak to your child about not bringing household items to school and remind them that if they see something at school that doesn’t belong, they should tell an adult.  Please know that Quincy Public Schools continues to focus on providing a safe school community for students and staff.  If you or your students have concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at 617-984-8708 or via email at [email protected].



Renee L. Malvesti

Principal, Montclair Elementary School