1.14.2022 QPS Newsletter

1.14.2021 QPS Newsletter
Posted on 01/14/2022

Dear Quincy Public Schools Students, Parents, Guardians and Staff,

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the current spike in COVID-19 positive cases.  There is a great deal of information out there regarding quarantine and isolation protocols and procedures, and we hope this newsletter will help clarify some of this information. 

  • Livestreaming instruction:  Students in all grades are able to livestream instruction when they are out due to COVID-19 quarantine or isolation.  Schools have one (1) day to set up streaming and share the login          information with families.  If your child is out as a result of COVID-19 and you need assistance with livestreaming (including a Chromebook or Internet hotspot), please contact your school principal.  
  • Testing in order to return to school:  Most students do NOT need a negative PCR test in order to return to school from quarantine or isolation.  The exception is if the student has been identified as a close contact, has developed symptoms, and is not vaccinated. 
  • Are vaccinated students allowed to participate in Test and Stay?  According to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, students who are considered fully vaccinated (two weeks            following their second shot) are not eligible to participate in Test and Stay but can continue to attend school if they do not develop symptoms.  Vaccinated and unvaccinated students can participate in weekly Pooled Testing. To sign up for Pooled Testing, follow this link:  https://www.cic-health.com/consent/ma?district=null

Also, please be aware that due to the increased volume of testing, we are experiencing delays in receiving our weekly Pooled Testing results.  In the instance that we receive a positive pool and are not able to identify a positive individual through follow-up testing, the individuals in that pool will be retested the following day.  In the event this occurs on a Friday, the students in the pool will be retested the following Monday. 

For more information regarding COVID-19 information and resources please visit the Quincy Public Schools COVID-19 resources page at https://quincypublicschools.com/family_resources/family/c_o_v_i_d-19_resources.


Kevin W. Mulvey, Superintendent of Schools

Erin Perkins, Assistant Superintendent