Employee Assistance Program

Aspire Health Alliance - Employee Wellness Program Benefits

What can I expect from the Aspire EAP?

•You and/or your family members are entitled to two free sessions with a licensed professional.

•Your place of work will have no access to records.

•Meetings could simply be conversations about things you are experiencing, concerned about, curious about, or wish would be different. They could also be educational, diagnostic, performance related, or therapeutic. Sessions could involve consultation, individual, family, child, or couples work.

•After the initial meetings, there are options for ongoing work through your insurance if desired.

•Hand picked, professional, and licensed therapists with a variety of clinical specialties are available to work with you and your family members.

•  If you are interested in meeting with one of us, or have any questions about the EAP, you can call the ASPIRE intake line at (617) 847-1914.

► Please state that vou are calling to use your EAP benefit. so that the referral can be quickly directed to the EAP program director.
► You can also reach Dr. Samantha O'Connell directly at [email protected].
► Our outpatient clinics are located in Quincy, Plymouth, Marshfield, and Wareham.

Why is the EAP provided?

The professional and confidential services are provided to help you with the kinds of stress that arise from the job and affect you and your family. We are also here to help you deal with stressors off of the job, keeping in mind the culture of where you work, your particular lifestyle demands, and what you might deal with on a day-to-day basis.

What types of specific kinds of things can the Aspire EAP help with?

•Job stress
•Family, child, couples, and other relationship problems
•Leadership and coworker challenges
•Addiction and substance use related issues
•Anxiety, depression, anger, and other reactions
•Panic attacks
•Sleep issues and other possible symptoms of stress