Learning Resources

 Dear Students and Parents,

Quincy Public Schools' E-Day Online Resources are free websites collected and recommended by Quincy's Teachers, Nurses, Special Educators,  Student Support Staff, Academic Program Teachers, Principals and Program Directors.  Our goal is to provide students and parents with quality, and engaging resources that can be accessed before or after school, at home, or on vacation any time when school is not in session.

 Whether it's a day off from school for extreme weather, school vacation, summer break or the weekend - make it an Enrichment day with Quincy Public Schools E-Day.


  • Enrichment
  • Development
  • Advancement
  • Year Long Learning

 E-DAY resources will: Enrich your mind and satisfy your curiosity; Develop new skills in math, literacy, visual arts, grammar, Internet safety, health and nutrition; and Advance your understanding of world events, science, and history, Quincy Public Schools' E-DAY resources can promote critical thinking skills, expand your vocabulary, and help you study for upcoming exams.  Our online resources will satisfy your quest for knowledge - all Year long.