High School



This website from the University of Colorado offers a wide range of interactive simulations of various natural phenomena, including topics covered in math, physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology.

National Geographic Education


Explore National Geographic's library full of hundreds of National Geographic short videos for Grades 9-12 about science, geography, history, sociology, the arts, human sustainability, and mathematics.

NASA Websites for Students K-12


This website offers an A to Z index of NASA websites for students in Grades 9-12 who interested in space travel, astronomy, engineering, and mathematics. Some sites include NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission, Jet Propulsion in Space, and updates from the International Space Station.

Khan Academy


These online tutorials provide guided lessons that introduce newcomers to the world of computer programming.

Annenberg Learner


This website presents 32 video units addressing different topics in the field of statistics.

Student Guides include content overviews, key terms, unit activities, and exercises and review questions.

PBS Learning Media


Students interested in U.S. history about the Civil Rights Movement can examine President John F. Kennedy's record on civil rights and his relationship with Martin Luther King Jr., in this excerpt from The March.

Annenberg Learner


This video explores ways to help students of English Language Arts connect their personal experiences to literary texts in this one-hour video Moving Through.