11.14.2021 Message from Superintendent Mulvey

11.14.2021 Message from Superintendent Mulvey and High School Principals
Posted on 11/14/2021

Dear Quincy Public Schools Students, Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

We are writing to follow up regarding the student walkout that occurred this past Friday, November 12.  Please be assured that the district has heard and acknowledges the concerns of students and families regarding systemic racism within our school community and is taking steps to address them as quickly and comprehensively as possible.  It has come to the district’s attention through social media that high school students may be planning another walkout on Monday, November 15, 2021.  While the district recognizes the importance of student protest, particularly when it addresses serious concerns about racism within our school community, we cannot continue to have students leave school and miss valuable educational time.  


Therefore, please be advised that students are not permitted to leave their school buildings without being dismissed by a parent or guardian.  If students do choose to leave their school buildings they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and meet with the principal to return to school that day.   As with any absence, if students leave school and do not return, they will be held responsible for assignments not completed during the class periods they do not attend.


It is critically important that we as a community are unified in our effort to use our educational resources to end racism.  This must be a collaborative approach and making sure that our students attend and remain in school is an important part of this collaboration.  We ask that you encourage your students to seek out trusted adults at school (for example, teachers, guidance staff, deans, coaches, or administrators) to share their experiences and concerns.  As always, we are available to speak with you at the phone numbers below.



Kevin W. Mulvey, J.D., Superintendent of Schools, 617-984-8701

Keith S. Ford,  Principal, North Quincy High School, 617-984-8744      

Lawrence R. Taglieri, Principal, Quincy High School, 617-376-3352