11.9.2021 Point Webster Middle School Incident

11.9.2021 Point Webster Middle School Incident
Posted on 11/09/2021

Dear Point Webster Middle School Community,

This morning, there was a physical altercation between two Point Webster Middle School students during morning arrival.  This unfortunate incident was witnessed by many students and parents and was the result of outside of school social media exchanges between the students and others in the same grade.  Incidents like these have a negative impact on the culture of our school and are the unfortunate result of students’ ability to communicate impulsively and without the maturity to understand the consequences of their actions.

As a school community, we need to work together to ensure that students understand that their activities online should be as carefully considered as actions in person.  I ask you to talk to your student and set reasonable limits for their use of social media and to create a plan to monitor it with them.  It is important for students to understand that spreading rumors, bullying, or damaging someone’s reputation is not appropriate.  Encourage in-person contact with friends, both for positive reasons but especially to address a conflict before it escalates.  During the school day, within the Health curriculum and through community meetings, we will be supporting students in developing strategies for problem-solving, resolving conflict, and appreciating and respecting one another.

If you are concerned about your student having peer conflicts related to social media or for any reason, please contact me at 617.984.6600 or via email at [email protected].


Christine Barrett

Point Webster Middle School Principal