March 21 Message from Superintendent Mulvey

March 21 Message from Superintendent Mulvey
Posted on 03/21/2021

Dear Quincy Public Schools Community,

On Friday, March 19, 2021, I was notified of an alarming incident involving Quincy High School student misconduct, specifically, sexual harassment and hate speech.  This misconduct, which included pro-rape speech on social media, was extremely disturbing to the targeted student and the entire school community.  This is offensive and dangerous behavior that will not be tolerated by the Quincy Public Schools and the students involved in this misconduct will be held accountable and appropriately disciplined. 

Quincy Public Schools is committed to working with students to promote healthy relationships, being an ally, and empowerment.  Clearly there is work to be done within the school community to combat the minimization and glorification of sexual assault.   To that end, a sexual assault awareness campaign will be introduced immediately at both high schools.  This campaign will focus on the education of our students about the importance of healthy relationships, respectful communication, and appropriate responses.   In creating this campaign, Quincy Public Schools has reached out to our partners at DOVE, Inc. and Walker Therapeutic and Educational Programs, and will involve all stakeholders in the planning and implementation process. 

For families in immediate need of information to aid in speaking with their student please contact your child’s school counselor or visit for additional resources. 

In addition, please feel free to contact my office should you need assistance at 617-984-8701 or [email protected].


Kevin W. Mulvey

Superintendent of Schools