Health, Nutrition and Wellness Programs

District Wellness Policy: The Quincy Public Schools is committed to providing the school community with education, activities, and opportunities that enhance the development of lifelong wellness practices. To help achieve these goals, the School Committee adopted a District Wellness Policy on 1/23/13.

The Quincy Public Schools Wellness Policy establishes a district wide Health, Nutrition and Wellness Advisory Council, a District Wellness Team and School Wellness Teams at each Quincy Public School.

The Health, Nutrition and Wellness Advisory Councilmembers are appointed by the Superintendent. Functions of the Wellness Advisory Committee include:

  • Recommend and/or review district wide policies to promote student wellness, such health education and services, school nutrition, the nutrition environment, physical education, and opportunities for physical activity around the school environment.
  • Set goals and objectives for the coming year and implement a process for evaluating the progress in reaching the annual goals and objectives.
  • Develop guidelines concerning the functioning of school building based wellness teams and school building based initiatives.
  • Annually, provide to the Superintendent and school committee a copy of the policies developed including goals and objectives for the coming year.

The District Wellness Teammembers include the Senior Director of Student Support Services, the Coordinator of Health Services, and the Food Service Director. This team is the liaison between the Health, Nutrition and Wellness Advisory Council and the Superintendent and School Committee. The District Wellness Team is responsible for convening and facilitating meetings of the Health, Nutrition and Wellness Advisory Council, providing support and resources to the School Wellness Teams , maintaining the District Wellness Web page, and serving as the liaison for health related Partnership(s).

The School Wellness Teams include the principal (or designee), school nurse, teacher/s, guidance counselor and food service manager. The Team purpose is to guide its school's progress toward all aspects of wellness through communication with the District Wellness Team, the Health, Nutrition and Wellness Advisory Council, parents, staff, and students.

Partnership: Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Healthy Schools Program

The Quincy Public Schools is very fortunate to have established a partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's (AHG) Healthy Schools Program. The AHG works to address one of the nation's leading public health threats- childhood obesity.

Founded by the American Heart Association and William J. Clinton Foundation, the Alliance's Healthy Schools Program partners with over 15,000 schools across the country to support administrators, teachers, parents and students in implementing policies and programs that enable students to eat better and move more.

Participating in the Healthy Schools Program provides Quincy schools with access to a variety of experts, resources and support to help achieve the Healthy Schools Program goals. The Healthy Schools Program has committed to supporting Quincy school efforts to develop local solutions and strategies over a four year period at no cost to the district.

The Healthy Schools Program kicked off in September 2012 with school representatives receiving technical assistance to help them complete a baseline Healthy Schools Inventory and identify wellness goals for the year. All Quincy schools have accomplished these objectives and are working toward implementing steps to create healthier school environments.

Nutrition Standards:

The QPS Wellness Policy established nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold or provided to students during the school day (all food/beverages other than school meals which must meet USDA standards), commonly referred to as a la carte or competitive foods. The policy provides:

To promote student health, reduce childhood obesity and cultivate lifelong healthy eating behaviors, all foods and beverages sold or provided to students at school during the regular school day shall meet the nutrition recommendations of the U. S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and will comply with all state and federal laws and regulations.

Local Discretion:

Both the federal and state regulations allow local policy to set standards for booster type sales. The Quincy Public Schools Wellness Policy states that these standards shall not apply to booster sales, concession stands, and other school-sponsored or school-related fundraisers and events held outside of the regular school day.

QPS policy further states that "Principals, in conjunction with their individual School Wellness Team, may allow a waiver of these standards for no more than three school-wide events per year. Such school- wide events must be cultural/curriculum or celebratory based."

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