Advanced Learning Opportunities

Advanced Learning Opportunities at Quincy Public Schools

At Quincy Public Schools, we offer a range of advanced learning opportunities for students at many grade levels, designed to meet the needs of advanced learners and promote academic excellence:

Grades K-5:

The Reach Program

Grade 4
Grade 4 Reach takes place for 90 minutes, once per month, at all schools. Students are eligible if they are in the top 10% of students at their school, based on Grade 4 fall math and reading data.

Grade 5
Grade 5 Reach takes place once per week at all schools. Students are eligible for Grade 5 Reach if they are in the top 20% of students at their school, based on Grade 4 spring math and reading data.

Advanced Learning Opportunities in grades 6-8 are not connected to the Reach Program.
For questions regarding the Reach Program, please contact Curriculum Coordinator Bridget Vaughan at [email protected].

Grades 6-8

Advanced Coursework at All Schools
Students can be enrolled in advanced coursework in mathematics, science, and English language arts. All schools offer these courses. Eligibility is determined by your child’s school in the fall of grade 6.

Advanced Placement Center
APC is a citywide program for identified advanced learners, located at Central Middle School. In March of grade 5, the top 20% of students, citywide, take a screening test in verbal and quantitative reasoning. Based on screening results, roughly 10% of students are invited to APC.

Students in grades 6-8 that are interested in the Advanced Placement Center may request an evaluation if they meet the following criteria: Documented evidence of scores at or above the 95th percentile on standardized assessments such as the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10), or the Terra Nova. Please click here to access the Advanced Placement Inquiry Form.

For questions regarding advanced learning opportunities in Grades 6-8, please contact Curriculum Director Michael Marani at [email protected].

High School Advanced Learning Opportunities

Our high schools offer a wide range of Advanced Placement courses across various subject areas, allowing students to engage in college-level coursework and potentially earn college credit. AP courses are designed to challenge students and prepare them for the rigors of college; QPS is committed to ensuring that all students have access to these opportunities.

Additional opportunities to earn college credits are available through our Early College High School (ECHS) Pathway, our dual enrollment program with Quincy College, and other dual enrollment agreements available through our Career, Vocational & Technical Education programs.