May 26, 2010 School Committee Meeting


Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee
May 26, 2010

7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers

I. Approval of Minutes: Regular Session minutes for May 12, 2010 and Executive Session Minutes for May 7, 2010.

II. Superintendent’s Report:

A. High School Graduation Dates/Times

B. Summer Scene 2010

III. Open Forum: An opportunity for community input regarding the Quincy Public Schools. After giving his or her name and address, each speaker may make a presentation of no more than four minutes to the School Committee.

IV. Old Business

A. Update on building projects, renovations, and construction: Mr. Murphy to report.

B. Update on the New Quincy High School: Mrs. Dwyer to report.

C. Update on Central: Mrs. Bragg and Mrs. Mahoney to report.

D. Policy Change: Mrs. Bragg made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Isola, that the Committee approve holding the Open Forum at 7:15 p.m. The ayes have it. The Committee needs to take a final vote on this change.

E. School Committee Calendar: For approval. See Attachment A-1.

V. New Business:

A. National Honor Society Student Recognition:

B. Status of Quincy Public Schools Budget FY2011:

C. Out of State Travel:

  1. Quincy High School to Baran Institute of Technology, CT on 5/13/2010 See Attachment A.

  2. Atlantic Middle School to Camp Burgess from 6/8/2010-6/11/2010 See Attachment B.

  3. Broad Meadows Middle School to Canobie Lake on 6/17/2010 See Attachment C.

  4. Snug Harbor to Canobie Lake on 6/9/2010 See Attachment D.

  5. Point Webster to New York City on 6/10/2010-6/11/2010 See Attachment E.

  6. Parker School to Canobie Lake on 6/16/2010 See Attachment F.

VI. Additional Business:

VII. Communications:

VIII. Hearings:

IX. Reports of Special Committees:

A. Special Education Subcommittee: Mrs. Lebo to report.

B. Budget Subcommittee: Mrs. Mahoney to report  

X. Executive Session:

XI. Adjournment:

Subcommittees of the School Committee

Subcommittee Date Referred Business Pending
Budget & Finance
Mahoney/Bragg/Lebo 4/11/2007 HS Health Curriculum
  3/29/2008 Bus Rental Fees
  3/29/2008 Building Rental Fees
  9/10/2008 Revolving Funds 5-yrs. History
  5/6/2009 Advanced Placement Policy 10.15.1
  10/7/2009 Half Time Teachers
  4/7/2010 RTTT
  4/7/2010 Curriculum Director
School Facilities Management    
Dwyer/Lebo/McCarthy Major Building Projects  
  3/4/98 QHS/Central/Sterling Building Plans
  10/20/2004 ADA Report
  9/7/2005 Alternative Plans for Central Middle School
  2/8/2006 Conservation
  4/9/2008 Track
  10/7/2009 Garden @ Snug Harbor
  3/3/2010 Coddington Hall
Health, Safety & Security    
McCarthy/Isola/Dwyer 3/17/2010 North Quincy Traffic Intersection
  4/11/2007 HS Health Curriculum
  3/26/2008 Increase School Breakfast Participation
School Policy    
Bragg/Isola/Dwyer 3/12/2008 Teacher Evaluations
  9/10/2008 Grade Configurations
  3/11/2009 MS Interim Letters
  3/11/2009 Naming of QPS schools/places/etc.
  12/16/2009 School Tardiness Policy
Special Education    
Lebo/McCarthy/Mahoney 1/17/2007 Emergency Information Form
  1/17/2007 Substitute Teachers for SPED
  3/21/2007 Implementation of IEPs
  9/24/2008 INSPIRE Initiative
Rules, Post Audit & Oversight    
Isola/Mahoney/Bragg 10/29/2008 Faxon Field
Channel 22    
Mahoney/McCarthy 10/17/2007 Encourage greater use of



Quincy, Massachusetts - May 26, 2010
Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee


A regular meeting of the Quincy School Committee was held on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 in the City Council Chambers, City Hall. Present were: Mr. Dave McCarthy, Mrs. Emily Lebo, Ms. Barbara Isola, Mrs. Elaine Dwyer, Mrs. Jo-Ann Bragg, Mrs. Anne Mahoney, and Mayor Thomas P. Koch, Chairman.

Chairman Presiding

- - -

The Superintendent called the roll and all members were present. Also present were: Dr. Richard DeCristofaro, Secretary; Mrs. Tefta Burrelli, Clerk; Messrs. Mullaney, Draicchio, and Keith Segalla; Ms. Roberts, Tenaglia, Todd, and Hughes. Paul Phillips, QEA President; Ms. Tracey Christello, Citywide, Lawrence Liuzzo, and Darius Varmahmoodi High School Student Representatives. The Committee observed a moment of silence for Mr. Dana Smith, a long time teacher in Quincy High School who recently passed away.

- - -

Reg.Mins Approved 5/12/2010

On a motion by Mrs. Bragg, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, the Committee approved the regular session minutes for May 12, 2010. On a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously 7-0.

- - -

Exec. Session Mins. Approved 5/7/2010

On a motion by Mr. McCarthy, seconded by Mrs. Lebo, the Committee approved the Executive Session minutes for May 7, 2010. On a roll call vote, the motion passed 5-0. MRS. BRAGG and MRS. DWYER ABSTAINED.

- - -

Student Recognition

The National Honor Society students were recognized this evening. Mr. Rob Shaw, Assistant principal at North Quincy High School, and Ms. Ellen Murray, Assistant Principal at Quincy High School, introduced staff and students. Students were recognized with a certificate and congratulated by the School Committee. They wished them much success in their future endeavors.

- - -

Supts. Report

Graduations for Quincy High School and North Quincy High School are next week—June 7 and June 8 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. The program begins at 6:00 p.m. for both evenings.

Dedication ceremony will be held on Sunday, August 29 from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. for the new Quincy High School.

- - -

Open Forum

Emily Hajjar said she was disappointed that graduation was not being held at Adams Field. Zach Dwyer, Maggie Mahoney, Mark Mountain, Danielle Woods, Carrie Sunde and Dan Hennessey asked the Committee to keep the Arts and sports. The theater classes help those students that don’t participate in sports. Sarah Allesandro and Gail MacDonald asked to keep the literacy program and all day Kindergarten. Bob Haley spoke to the budget. He offered three solutions for the Mayor to consider. Maria Schwartz asked to consider keeping the after school activities. Jacquelene Kelly, Joan Holt, Oanh Vu, and Tracey Christello were concerned with the proposed elimination of media. Megan Croake asked to keep the health Career/Tech program. This program provides a strong introduction into nursing.

Ms. Peggy Ferris asked that they keep the office Para at Beechwood Knoll. This position is slated to be cut. She asked that they consider security office aides. It is impossible to expect one person to do everything and to do all the clerical work. The Paras provide classroom coverage, assist students in after school van safety, etc. It is an important position.

Janet Shields asked to keep all day Kindergarten. Children learn to read before the end of the year. With regard to the Paras, you can’t take a 6 hrs. day and put it into a 2.5 day and increase the number of children without a paraprofessional in the classroom.

Timothy McNally read his Mom’s letter to the Committee. She asked teachers to accept the deferment. She also asked the Mayor to look at problems with DPW, the Maintenance Dept., why does a ladder truck always go to emergencies and with regard to cutting transportation, no one will walk two miles to school.

Connor Curran-Cross and Kelan Curran Cross, Joshua Gerry, Cindy Conley asked the members to keep sports. They were concerned with charging fees. Charging such high fees pits one sport against another sport.

Aliza Schneller asked to keep foreign language in the Middle Schools. This affects high schoolers trying to get into college. Students learn a foreign language at a young age. Reconsider keeping these programs.

Olivia Berry spoke to Rachel’s Challenge. A documentary at Quincy High about Rachel Scott, a student at Columbine High School who was the first person killed in the shooting disaster.

Karl Roos thanked the teachers who voted for the deferral. However, he cautioned that this is just a temporary fix. It just bought us time. The cause of the problem is Beacon Hill. Over the next year, people should let Beacon Hill knows we need adequate funding for education.

Steve Johnson asked the Committee to reconsider cutting deans. There are a multitude of issues the deans handle -- bullying/harassment. They provide a safety net.

Bill Zamzow expressed his appreciation to the QEA for accepting the deferral. He asked the Mayor to find every single nickel to mitigate cuts to the schools.

The Mayor said that no decisions have been made as yet. The public is welcome to attend subcommittee meetings and the public hearing. They appreciate all the input that was shared this evening.

- - -

Bldg. Update Kevin Murphy reports

Maintenance has gone from heating to cooling for those schools offering summer classes. They have repaired exhaust fans at Merrymount and Quincy High, repainted stairs at Atherton Hough, removed graffiti from Marshall and Parker. They have moved 51 file cabinets from Quincy High School to Codington Hall. New Security cameras have been installed at Beechwood, Lincoln Hancock and GOALS. At Veterans Stadium, they rebuilt walls in bathrooms and locker rooms. The Park Dept. has built a wall and repaved all the grounds. They hope to have it ready for graduation.

Handicap Accessibility @ Stadium

Mrs. Bragg inquired of the three safety issues brought up in the School Improvement Plans-- potholes at two schools and a birds nest at Merrymount. The paving hasn’t been done, but the nests have been cleared and nets have been installed. Mr. Murphy will get back to the Committee when the pot holes are paved. –

The Mayor added that the money being used in the Veterans Stadium is left over from closing out the bond work money and not out of any operating budget.

- - -

New QHS Mrs. Dwyer reports

Mrs. Dwyer reported that the new Quincy high School is on schedule. The auditorium should be ready in mid-September and the gym the beginning of October. We hope to have the keys to the building in August. They are working in the court yard. (Mrs. Dwyer passed out pictures) The Dedication Ceremony is planned for August 29.

- - -

New Central Supt. Reports

Superintendent reported that on May 4 the Designer Selection Committee chose Ai3 as the new architect for Central Middle School. The Mayor thanked Catherine Craven, School Building Authority, for her assistance.

- - -

Open Forum Policy

On a motion by Mrs. Bragg, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, the Agenda will reflect Open Forum at 7:15 p.m. On a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously 7-0.

- - -

SC Calendar

On a motion by Mrs. Bragg, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, the Committee approved the School Committee calendar for the 2010-2011 school year. The ayes have it.

- - -

Out of State/Country Trips

On a motion by Mrs. Bragg, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, the Committee approved the following out of state/overnight trips:

  1. Quincy High School to Baran Institute of Technology, CT on 5/13/2010

  2. Atlantic Middle School to Camp Burgess from 6/8/2010-6/11/2010

  3. Broad Meadows Middle School to Canobie Lake on 6/17/2010

  4. Snug Harbor to Canobie Lake on 6/9/2010

  5. Point Webster to New York City on 6/10/2010-6/11/2010

  6. Parker School to Canobie Lake on 6/16/2010

  7. Montclair to Canobie Lake on 6/16/2010

The ayes have it.

- - -

Communications Sen. Harkin’s Bill

Ms. Isola inquired about an act presented (Keep Our Educators Working Act) by Senator Harkin for $23 billion dollars for education. The Mayor’s office is watching this bill. Mayor Koch said Senator Harkin pulled the bill however, it has been sent back to the House. The House is re-filing an attachment to fund the Iraq war effort. There was a concern about a filibuster. It is a stimulus package but it would be a one year deal. People are free to call Senator Kerry, Senator Brown, or Bill Delahunt’s office. It is for the retention of teachers or the hiring of new teachers.

Mrs. Bragg told the audience that she receives their emails, but she is not allowed to comment on them because of a conflict of interest. Payroll request She asked Mr. Mullaney and the Mayor to look into using emails for those people getting direct deposit. This would save the City and the schools money. They would just need to take the Social Security numbers off.

Request for Figures from Mr. Puleo

Regarding the City Budget on page 10, Mrs. Mahoney asked the Mayor to have Mr. Puleo give the actual amounts for the fiscal year revenue. There are percentages, but no amounts. She also asked that Mr. Puleo share the information on revolving accounts on the City side.

- - -

Garden @ SH Off Subcommittee

Elaine Dwyer took off the Building Subcommittee the Garden at Snug Harbor Community School.

- - -

Mrs. Lebo reports Special Ed. Subcommittee

On May 5, the Special Education Subcommittee met. They discussed transportation issues. Mr. Draicchio and Ms. Gropp were present to answer questions. Bus Conduct Reports will be going to principals as well as parents.

First Responder Forms and Binders will be reviewed by Ms. Todd and Ms. Kisieluis. This form is voluntary but all parents should be aware of its value and invited to use it.

Ms. Perry and Ms. Gichuhi shared the new DESE publication on PAC guidelines. Easy IEPs are used for in-district students only. The Central office thinks the use is going well. Parents report that special education progress reports are not being done at the high schools and some inclusion classes. Ms. Todd will follow up. There were questions about the potential teacher losses in programs because of the budget. Ms. Lebo spoke of the devastation the budget will have on the district and how the effect will be across the district. Many valuable initiatives and programs will be affected.

On a motion by Mrs. Lebo, seconded by Mrs. Bragg, the committee approved the Special Education Budget Subcommittee minutes. The ayes have it.

- - -


The Committee noted the following retirements:

Teachers: Janet Little, Anne Smith, Margaret Spender

Dean: John Raymer


The Committee noted the following resignations:

Security: Joseph C. Barrett

- - -

On a motion by Mr. McCarthy, seconded by Ms. Mahoney, the Committee Executive Session voted to go into Executive Session at 9:20 p.m. for the purpose of negotiations. On a roll call vote, the motion passed 5-0. MRS. BRAGG, MRS. DWYER ABSTAINED.

- - -

Return from ES

At 9:45 p.m. the Committee came back to regular session.

Agreement reached with QEA

The Mayor said the Committee has reached an agreement with the QEA and will be signing that agreement in a couple of days.


On a motion by Mrs. Lebo, seconded by Ms. Isola, the Committee adjourned for the evening at 9:46 p.m. The ayes have it.