Early College High School Pathway

A female student sitting in a classroom raises her hand to answer a question.QPS Early College High School (ECHS) Pathway

Quincy’s Early College High School (ECHS) Pathway is a cohort-based program that eligible students are invited to participate in as grade 10, 11, and 12 students. All eligible students must complete the ECHS Pathway online application as part of the program requirements.

The vision of ECHS Pathway is to serve as a means to break down the barriers that are preventing students from setting their post-secondary plans and attaining college credit before they graduate.

Quincy’s ECHS Pathway builds on the existing pathways and partnership between Quincy Public Schools and Quincy College. This program will help to increase the number of Quincy Public Schools graduates who have clear, actionable post-secondary plans before they graduate from high school.

Upon acceptance into this program, students will be enrolled in ECHS Pathway courses at their respective high schools. Upon completion of each course, students will be able to earn college credit at no charge to the student. In addition to the ECHS Pathway coursework, all ECHS Pathway students will participate in academic and non-academic support opportunities focused on post-secondary success. ECHS Pathway courses will be the length of one semester to mirror a true college schedule, with the exception of Statistics (2 semesters). ECHS Pathway students will also be supported by an ECHS Pathway Guidance Counselor and ECHS College Transition Coach during their time in the program. Students enrolled in these courses will receive honors-level credit.

Learn more about the program on the Quincy College website and contact ECHS Pathway School Counselors with questions:

Keriann Hart,  North Quincy High School
Timothy Liuzzo, Quincy High School