March 7, 2007 School Committee Minutes


Quincy, Massachusetts - March 7, 2007
Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Regular Meeting

A regular meeting of the Quincy School Committee was held on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Present were Mrs. Anne Mahoney, Mr. Kevin Mulvey, Mr. Dave McCarthy, Ms. Linda Stice, Mr. Jim Timmins, Mayor Phelan and Mrs. Elaine Dwyer, Vice Chairman.

Vice Chairman Presiding

The Superintendent called the roll and all members were present. Also present were: Dr. Richard DeCristofaro, Secretary, and Mrs. Tefta Burrelli, Clerk; Drs. Mariano and Pattavina. Messrs. O’Brien, Ryan, Walsh, McPhee, Keith and Kevin Segalla, and Mullaney; Ms. Powell, Roberts, Todd, and Hughes. Paul Phillips, QEA President, Mrs. Roseann Russell represented Citywide and Quincy High Associate Member Paige Neumann and North Quincy High Associate Member Tara McFarland were present.

The Committee observed a moment of silence for Susan McKeon who recently passed away.

Reg.&Exec. Mins. Approved 2/7/2007

On a motion by Mr. Mulvey, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, the Committee approved the regular and executive session minutes for February 7, 2007. On a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously 7-0.

Supts. Report

The Committee recognized Marina Bay Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center, a partner with North Quincy High School, for its contributions to Partnership Pathways. Nurse Anne McEvoy and student Kerri Regan highlighted the numerous experiences the Nursing Rehab Center affords the students. Rosemary McLaughlin and Kathy Faherty of the Nursing Center accepted the Appreciation Award from the Committee. They were recognized for their ongoing generosity, dedication, support, their many contributions, and advocacy for the students and staff of the Quincy Public Schools.

Upcoming Partnerships events are March 16, Beatlemania at the Marriott Quincy and on March 29 at the Tirrell Room a breakfast recognizing our partners.

Over 400 students participated in Quincy Public School Athletics. The Superintendent spoke highly of both the boys and girls basketball teams, the hockey teams, both of which qualified for the state tournament, and three wrestlers who qualified for State Tournament -- John Tan, Carmello Aradondo, and Phil Kelly. The Superintendent will ask the three wrestlers and their coaches to be at the next meeting for recognition. The Superintendent recognized Jim Rendle for organizing a Plyometric Program. There are well over 200 students involved.

The Robotics team left today for Orlando, Florida. On March 23 and 24 they will be competing at Boston University. This is the tenth year with Gillette as our partner.

Literacy Matters continues. This is the sixth week of tutoring and inter- vention for over 130 students. This program is made available from the proceeds of the Mayor’s Golf Tournament.

The Committee will receive a listing of lockdowns for each school. They are welcome to observe any one of them. The Superintendent spoke to the Site Assessment Teams who will be setting an agenda for the whole staff. They will be looking at the SIP of the previous year and then they finalize the SIP goals. In September they start the new goals.

Mr. Timmins commended the principals at Atlantic and Parker Schools for actions they took coordinating student dismissals during a large fire in the area which closed off streets. This fire stopped buses from going down the street to pick up students. Mr. McPhee explained the actions he took and praised the principals, staff, and police who helped get the students out of the schools and into the buses. The staff contacted parents who came and picked up their children. Tuesday was an early release day.

Open Forum

As no one wished to be heard at the Open Forum, the Committee went on with the business at hand.

Bldgs. & Grounds

Mr. Canavan reported that Maintenance is painting at Sterling, Broad Meadows, and Parker Schools. At North Quincy, new floor tiles were laid down. The new PA system at Snug Harbor is working. Maintenance continues to respond to heating issues.


Jim Anderson, Shane Nolan, and Alex Pitkin gave a presentation of the new Quincy High School. Mr. Nolan explained the four phases that will be used to move students and staff during construction. Mr. Pitkin showed an overhead of the final placement of the building, parking in the back, the court yard, all four floor plans, a typical classroom, electrical lab, and the auditorium. There is a walkway around the building which will be wide enough for a vehicle to fit in an emergency. Teachers will send their comments to Mr. Pitkin in the Design Development Workbook they received. Mr. Anderson stated that they are meeting to finalize the funding agreement with the State.

Mayor Phelan commended Mr. Pitkin for the unbelievable way the school fits so well in the space. He is thrilled with the design and the location.

Mrs. Dwyer will have the Building Committee make a presentation to the City Council around the end of the month and allow for public forums.

The City has received proposals today for the Manager at Risk. They will be reviewed and based on those proposals, they will make a selection. Mrs. Mahoney asked if the contractors all know about the requirements for a green building. Mr. Anderson said all of these components are very common. The green component is in the requirements. It will be built on the design.

Mr. McCarthy commended the architects for their concern for the neighborhood.

Key Span to move Gas Line

The School Committee needed to vote to provide an easement to Key span. They need to move the gas line which goes down the middle of Woodward Ave. It needs to be rerouted around the back of the building through the parking lot. 
On a motion by Mayor Phelan, seconded by Mr. Timmins, the Committee voted approval to Key Span to reroute the gas line which now runs down the middle of Woodward Ave. The ayes have it.


Carmen Mariano, Colleen Roberts, Mary Fredrickson and Keith Segella gave an overview of assessment in the Quincy Public Schools. Mary Fredrickson spoke to how we test. We test for nation wide assessment and state wide assessment. We test to view student progress in comparison to the citywide standard the Design for Learning. Mrs. Roberts spoke to when we test. The members received a listing of the tests given and the dates they are given. We test to focus and guide classroom instruction. Assessment results identify student needs. Those results help to design quality Professional Development that helps those teachers meet those needs. Through the assessment, if needed, students can receive Extended day/Extended year Academic Support. Assessment identifies strands where students are struggling and can benefit from services. Students who are struggling are assigned to academic support programs by need. Parents can get student assessment folders, information on the QPS website.

Mr. Mulvey inquired if grant money is still available for these programs. Mr. Segella answered that grant money is looking very good and also support comes from the Mayor’s Golf tournament.

The Committee asked if a presentation like this can be given to make parents aware about what role a parent can play. Mrs. Roberts answered that this is usually done at PTO meetings. The Committee suggested through Citywide we could get this out to parents. Mrs. Roberts stressed that at any time if parents have questions, they should call their principal. They can help the most.

Out of State Travel BM to Vt.

On a motion by Mr. Mulvey, seconded by Mr. Timmins, the Committee approved Broad Meadow’s student trip to Thetford, VT on March 10, 2007. The ayes have it.

Atlantic to Camp Burgess

On a motion by Mr. McCarthy, seconded by Mrs. Mahoney, the Committee approved a trip for Atlantic students to go to Camp Burgess, Sandwich, MA from June 5 to June 8, 2007. The ayes have it. Ms. Stice commended Mrs. Bogan, Atlantic principal, for beginning her application so soon and allowing students to make payments towards the trip. She explains that students can pay in full or they can use the installment plan. In cases of need, parents should call the school. Money problems should not be a reason that students don’t attend the trip. This is one way to very sensitivity let parents know 9 months in advance, that there are options and we don’t intend to let any child fall through the cracks.

Extra Ordinary Relief

Mr. Mullaney told the members that he applied for the Extra Ordinary Relief money in January. There is no set formula. Fifty-five communities will share the $3 million. He will not know more until after the 15th. He will keep the Committee updated. Mayor Phelan spoke to the Governor’s budget. Quincy did not fare well. He urged the members to get in touch with the legislation to urge them to pass closing of telecom tax loop hole, and state health plan. He hopes everybody listening understands that health care costs are unsustainable.

On a motion by Mr. Timmins, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Vice Chair will draft a letter from the Committee to the state delegation asking them to close off the telecom tax loop hole to allow for our community to receive more funding. The ayes have it.

On a motion by Mayor Phelan, seconded by Ms. Stice, the Committee will send a letter to each state delegation asking them to vote in support of passage of the GIC bill. The ayes have it.

Bldg. Nds. Subcommittee

Mrs. Dwyer reported that the Building Subcommittee met. They saw the same presentation as the Committee did this evening. Mrs. Lebo spoke to a grant she received to work on renewable energy. This project is growing. The Superintendent is going to work with Quincy High School principal about installing renewable energy equipment. This will be portable to the new high school.


Te Committee noted the following resignations:

Lunch Attendants: Carol Abruzzese, Patricia Esdale, Doreen Fraser


The Committee noted the following appointments:

Teacher: Keith Smith

Lunch Attendant: Janice Maloof


On a motion by Ms. Stice, seconded by Mr. Timmins, the Committee voted to adjourn at 9:06 p.m. for the evening. There was no Executive Session. On a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously 7-0.