Kevin Mahoney

Athletics & Wellness Director

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Mission Statement:

The purpose of Athletic Programs in the Quincy Public Schools is to provide learning experiences that contribute to physical, mental, social, and emotional growth. Athletics fosters the development of positive self-esteem and a climate among coaches and team members where mutual respect is valued. Athletics fulfill a necessary and important function in the educational process throughout the Quincy Public Schools.

Quincy Public School Athletics is an extension of the regular school day. We are therefore responsible for teaching values such as accountability, citizenship, sportsmanship, tolerance, leadership, participation within the rules, performing under pressure, persistence, work ethic, physical well-being, responsibility, self-discipline, social skills, the pursuit of excellence, and acceptance of instruction and teamwork.

It is our function to properly educate students through participation in interscholastic competitions. This program is designed to enhance academic achievement and will encourage and instill opportunities for academic success.

Director's Message:

It is my privilege to be the Director of Athletics for Quincy Public Schools. The outstanding staff—consisting of administrators, faculty, secretaries, coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers, and field help—assist in fostering a culture of professionalism, excellence, sportsmanship, and responsibility in our school system. The efforts of these professionals, in collaboration with our dedicated student-athletes, will bring pride to the city of Quincy as they will reflect the mission of the Quincy Public Schools Athletic Departments.


Quincy Public Schools recognizes the importance of athletics for our students. Teamwork, dedication, and perseverance are the marks of fine athletes and future citizens. Athletics also builds a healthy body for an active mind. We support and encourage a wide variety of sports programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels—both as part of the school system and as town-wide or regional programs.

Elementary Schools:

Individual schools often run after-school sports and exercise programs. Please visit the page for your child's school to see what activities are available.

Middle Schools:

Many middle schools run after-school sports or exercise programs. Partnership programs will link our schools with local organizations to promote health and fitness. Please visit the page for your child's school to get the latest information on programs available. Extramural sports are 6-week programs. Students at the individual middle schools compete against each other in the following sports (available to all middle school students):

  • Cross Country

  • Swimming

  • Spring Track

  • Volleyball

High Schools:

The following are the interscholastic sports available at both Quincy and North Quincy High:

Fall Sports:

  • Football

  • Soccer (Boys and Girls)

  • Volleyball (Girls)

  • Cross-Country (Boys and Girls)

  • Golf (Boys)

Winter Sports:

  • Hockey (Boys and Girls)

  • Wrestling

  • Basketball (Boys and Girls)

  • Indoor Track (Boys and Girls)

  • Swimming/Diving (Boys and Girls)

Spring Sports:

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Volleyball (Boys)

  • Tennis (Boys and Girls)

  • Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)

  • Outdoor Track (Boys and Girls)