Extended Educational Programs

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide students with a safe and engaging learning environment during out-of-school hours (school year and summer) bridging school day and after-school learning through engaging, hands-on activities.

Programs support state and local learning standards and contribute to academic performance and youth development for all students.

Programs provide activities that are safe, fun, exciting, challenging, and attractive to students of each gender. Activities encompass social, emotional, and physical skill building. Programs are as diverse as our student population and create an environment which provides students with an opportunity to interact socially with adults and peers in a more relaxed atmosphere than during the school day. In addition, programs will contribute to student performance goals outlined in school improvement plans.

Coordinator's Message:

A growing number of studies indicate that quality after school programs make a positive difference in the lives of students who regularly participate. Participants have better grades, greater student engagement in school, increased homework completion, reduced absenteeism and tardiness as well as the opportunity to increase academic achievement. Today's after-school programs make a positive difference in the lives of students and improve the climate for school and district success.

Quincy Public Schools is proud to offer students creative and innovative learning opportunities outside of regular school hours such as before school, after school, Saturdays and during the summer months in settings where children are most comfortable. Programs are facilitated by Quincy Public Schools professional staff.

Extended day/extended year programs provide the perfect opportunity to reinforce school day learning as well as provide useful experiences to promote health, growth and development and provide a safe haven during non-school hours.

Quincy Public Schools continues to offer high quality extended day programs to enhance student learning and development beyond the school day.

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School Year 2022-2023:  Information to come


Michael DeMarco

Facilitator Extended Educational Music Programs

[email protected]