April 28, 2021 Athletics Sub Meeting


Quincy School Committee

Athletics & Wellness Subcommittee

**This meeting is a Committee of the Whole**

Mr. Doug Gutro, Athletics & Wellness Chair
Ms. Kathryn Hubley & Mrs. Emily Lebo, Subcommittee Members

Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 5:30 pm via Zoom

Per Governor Baker’s order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A sec. 20, the public will not be allowed to physically access this School Committee meeting. Members of the Public can access the meeting live on QATV Channel 22 or at www.qatv.org. The meeting will also be recorded for rebroadcast and posted on the QPS SchoolTube website on Friday, April 30, 2021.

  1. Fall II 2021 Athletics Update - Mr. Mahoney, Mr. Niamkey

  2. Spring 2021 Athletics Overview - Mr. Mahoney, Mr. Niamkey


Quincy School Committee

Athletics & Wellness Subcommittee Meeting ~ Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A meeting of the Athletics & Wellness Subcommittee was held on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 5:30 pm via Zoom. Present were Mr. Paul Bregoli, Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Mrs. Emily Lebo, Mrs. Courtney Perdios, Mr. Frank Santoro, and Mr. Doug Gutro, Subcommittee Chair. Also attending were Superintendent Kevin Mulvey, Assistant Superintendent Erin Perkins, Ms. Julie Graham, Mr. Kevin Mahoney, Mr. Jean-Jacques Niamkey, Ms. Madeline Roy, Mr. Keith Segalla, Mr. Lawrence Taglieri; and Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk.

Quincy High School Athletic Director Kevin Mahoney recognized the following Winter Athletes who were named Patriot League All-stars: Kaan Yavuz and Mary Saccoach for Basketball; Cameron Quigley, Joseph Hennessy, and Maggie Lynch for Hockey. North Quincy High School Athletic Director JJ Niamkey recognized Winter Athletes who were named Patriot League All-Starts: Agu Ugwu, Colm Geary, Daithi Quinn, Fallon Hobin, and Orlagh Gormley for Basketball; Asher Wines, Ben Wines, Michael Izzo, Orla O’Driscoll, and Maggie Dineen for Hockey.

Mr. Niamkey reviewed the Fall II 2020-2021 Athletics Season, thanked the coaches, students, and parents. Students enjoyed the opportunity to get out on the field for sports delayed from previous seasons: Football, Cheerleading, and Indoor Track. Mr. Mahoney agreed that the students were thrilled to be able to make up for their missed seasons. The Indoor Track team competed outdoors, meets were virtual and times were submitted to the league. The Boys and Girls Quincy-North Quincy teams placed first in the league championships.

Mr. Bregoli noted that NQHS student-athlete Keira Sleiman set a school record for the Broad Jump.

The next item on the agenda was an overview of Spring Athletics. Mr. Mahoney and Mr. Niamkey said that this presentation is based on the guidance for Phase IV, Step 1 from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EEA). The EEA defines sports as “lower risk” (sports or activities that can be done individually); “moderate risk” (sports or activities that involve intermittent close proximity); and “higher risk” (sports or activities with a requirement or substantial likelihood of routine or sustained proximity). Spring sports will include Boys Volleyball, Girls Golf, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Outdoor Track, Wrestling, Sailing, and Lacrosse. The Spring season is scheduled to run from April 26 to June 15 and the MIAA will host tournaments through June 30.

All players, coaches, spectators, staff, and referees are required to wear face coverings. Records must be kept of all individuals present at team activities and social distancing between players observed including on bench areas. Locker room usage is limited to 50% capacity. For spectators, 50% capacity is allowed as long as six feet of distance is maintained at all times.

Sports-specific modifications were reviewed for Baseball and Softball (maximum 20 players dressed per game, distancing on the benches; limited number of participants involved in pre-game meeting or pitcher’s conference; no seeds, gum, or spitting); Tennis (assigned balls numbered by court; electronic lineup exchange; distancing for doubles and switching sides); Boys Volleyball (roster limited to 15 players; distancing observed on benches and warm-up area; teams remain on same side of court for whole match); Wrestling modifications will be finalized April 30 (practices are being conducted in pods of 10 or fewer students); Lacrosse (roster limits; revised game time format; limited equipment inspections); Outdoor Track & Field (virtual or dual meets permitted; running events may use all lanes; ensure social distancing for practice and team areas); Golf (staggered starts to support distancing; no score card exchange); and Sailing (one team on the dock at a time).

There are MIAA post-season tournaments planned for Spring sports, following the conclusion of the season. The Patriot Cup will begin on June 1 and end on June 15.

The Athletic Directors concluded their presentations by reviewing the preliminary teams planned for the Spring season, both schools will have Varsity and JV Baseball, Softball, and Girls Lacrosse and Varsity Boys & Girls Tennis. Cooperative Varsity Teams include Boys & Girls Outdoor Track, Sailing, Wrestling, Girls Golf, and Boys Lacrosse.

Mr. Bregoli asked if the EEA Guidelines might be adjusted following the information released by the Governor yesterday that amends mask wearing guidelines outdoors. Superintendent Mulvey noted that the most recent EEA guidelines were released on April 16, and they may be further amended, but they must be followed until superseded. Superintendent Mulvey noted that these are regulations that are enforceable with fines so it is not a local decision to override. Mr. Bregoli is would like to see masks eliminated for outdoor sports.

Mrs. Perdios congratulated the Athletic Directors for their leadership in getting through the challenges of the Fall II season. Mrs. Perdios asked for clarification about Tennis, the MIAA modification requires masks but the EEA guidelines say that they are not needed during singles matches where 14 feet of distance can be maintained. Mr. Mahoney followed up on April 29 with clarification that the MIAA specifies masks should be worn for singles Tennis matches.

Mrs. Perdios asked about participation, Boys Tennis has shown a decline at both schools. Mr. Niamkey and Mr. Mahoney said there is a slight decrease in participation overall, but there are ongoing efforts to recruit for players in sports with lower participation levels. Other Patriot League Athletic Directors are reporting similar levels of participation.

Mr. Santoro asked about how the information is being distributed to families, Mr. Niamkey said the information is posted on the QPS website. Mr. Santoro suggested that coaches review with students and share with parents as well.

Mr. Santoro asked about changes for Fall 2021. Mr. Mahoney said for all sports, the MIAA tournament format is moving from regional sections to state-wide format based on enrollment.

Mr. Santoro asked if capacity limits will be increased for next year’s Athletics. Mr. Niamkey said we are trending in the right direction, but it is too soon to know what the guidelines will be.

Superintendent Mulvey said that the DESE Commissioner’s Office has the goal of returning to normal for the next school year as long as COVID-19 cases continue to trend down.

Mrs. Hubley asked about mask-wearing accommodations for students, Superintendent Mulvey said students must have a documented medical exemption, same as from the beginning of the school year.

Mr. Bregoli asked about MaxPreps (statistics app) involvement in the tournament seeding. Mr. Mahoney said that there was initial discussion about this, but the discussion seems to be shifting to an MIAA-calculated formula.

Mr. Gutro said that there is an inconsistency in the guidelines for in-person learning (3 to 6 feet) and outdoor athletics (6 feet or more). Superintendent Mulvey said that the increased respiration and exhaling due to exertion seems to be the reasoning.

Mr. Mahoney thanked Superintendent Mulvey, Assistant Superintendent Erin Perkins, and Health Services Coordinator Rita Bailey for their responsiveness for the COVID-19 issues. Mr. Niamkey thanked Mayor Koch and his staff, the Parks Department, the Boston Cannons, and QATV for their support for the Fall II season.

Mr. Gutro thanked the students and parents for their cooperation and flexibility.

Mrs. Lebo made a motion to adjourn the Athletics & Wellness Subcommittee meeting at 6:30 pm. Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.