Health Services

Rita Bailey

Coordinator of Health Services


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Quincy Public Schools Health Services Team is to promote, protect and enhance the health status of all students. School nurses assess and intervene to address actual and potential health concerns. We support the social, emotional and physical well-being of students to facilitate optimal learning. Nurses encourage a collaborative partnership of all school staff, parents and community members to achieve this mission.

Coordinator's Message:

School health programs are experiencing new and unprecedented challenges to support the education, health and well-being of students and their families. Changes in our society and the health care delivery system have increased the need for school nurses to not only advocate for the health and well being of students but to become directly involved in providing individualized nursing care to students who might otherwise be unable to attend school. The multifaceted role of the school nurse is the link between good health and educational achievement. Nurses communicate and collaborate with students, parents, school staff and community health providers to coordinate and implement health services.

Our team of experienced nurses provides a wide continuum of direct nursing care ranging from basic first aid to the management of students with chronic illnesses and conditions. Students visit our health offices for scheduled daily medication administration, nursing treatments and procedures. Individual health care plans are established for students with specialized medical needs in order to remove barriers to learning and enhance the educational process.

Nurses are responsible for maintaining adherence to state mandated health requirements of students such as ensuring up to date immunization status and physical examinations. Health prevention interventions include screenings for vision, hearing, scoliosis, and body mass index (BMI) in the effort to address a potential health issue that could affect a student's ability to learn. In the event of a communicable disease occurrence, the school nurse is the central figure in the identification, confirmation, collaboration, notification, and education to the school community. Individual and group health education is also provided by school nurses on an ongoing basis.

As the Coordinator of Health Services, it is my pleasure and privilege to work with our team of nurses, teachers, specialists and our administrators who are truly committed to ensuring the health and wellness of our students and school communities.

Rita Bailey, RN, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Health Services

Improvement Plan:

Health Services Improvement Plan