5-5-2021 School Committee Meeting

5-5-2021 School Committee Meeting
Posted on 05/03/2021


Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Wednesday, May 5, 2021, 6:30 pm

Coddington Building

Per Governor Baker’s order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A sec. 20, the public will not be allowed to physically access this School Committee meeting.  Members of the Public can access the meeting live on QATV Channel 22 or at www.qatv.org.  The meeting will also be recorded for rebroadcast and posted on the QPS SchoolTube website on Friday, April 9, 2021.

  1. Approval of Minutes:   Regular Meeting Minutes for April 7, 2021

II.        Open ForumAn opportunity for community input regarding the Quincy Public Schools.  Community in this context is defined as a resident of the City of Quincy, a parent of a student who attends the Quincy Public Schools, or an employee of the Quincy Public Schools.  Non-community persons not permitted to speak at Open Forum may submit written statements to the School Committee.  After giving his or her name and address, each speaker may make a presentation of no more than four minutes to the School Committee.  An individual may not exchange their time or yield to others.        To participate in Open Forum, interested parties may submit written statements to: QSCOpenForum@quincypublicschools.com.

III. Superintendent’s Report

A. Chairman’s Report    Mayor Thomas Koch

B. QPS Enrollment Update

In-Person Learning, Grades K-12

QPS COVID-19 Metrics

QPS Pooled Testing Initiative

QPS Vaccine Clinics

C. QPS Class of 2021 Update

D. Educator Appreciation Week

E. QPS Parent & Community Events

Elementary Advanced Learning Opportunities Information Night, May 18

Welcome to Kindergarten, May 27

F. Credit for Life Fair: A Digital Experience

G. School Nutrition Update

H. Student Recognitions: Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

I. FY2022 Budget Timeline

J. Quincy School~Community Partnership Newsletter

IV. Old Business:

 A. 2021-2022 School Committee Meeting Calendar (VOTE)                            

 B. 2021-2022 QPS School Year Calendar (VOTE)                                                            

 C. School Committee Policy Book Section 2 (VOTE)                                        

 V. New Business:

  1. DOVE’s Youth Speak Program     Ms. Chandler, Ms. Boulton


  2. School Choice Participation (Discussion & Vote)     Superintendent Mulvey

    Superintendent Mulvey recommends that the Quincy School Committee withdraw from enrolling non-resident students in the Quincy Public Schools for the 2021-2022 academic year for the following reasons:

  • Continued concerns at the elementary, middle, and high schools based on current and projected enrollments.
  • Policy of the Quincy School Committee to adhere to class size guidelines.

    C. South Shore Educational Collaboration Representative          Superintendent Mulvey


 VI.      Additional Business:   

VII.     Communications

  1. Upcoming School Committee Meetings:May 19, 2021 and June 9, 2021 (Regular Meetings, 6:30 pm, Coddington Building)
  2. Upcoming Subcommittee Meetings:May 26, 2021:Budget & Finance, 5:30 pm; Teaching & Learning, 6:30 pm; TBD: FY2022 Budget Public Hearing, 6:15 pm

VIII.    Reports of Subcommittees: 

  1. Athletics & Wellness: Mr. Gutro to report on the April 28, 2021 meeting

            B. Joint Teaching & Learning and Special Education:  Mrs. Hubley and Mrs. Lebo to report on the April 28, 2021 meeting.

IX.       Executive Session:    None


X.        Adjournment: