March 6, 2013 School Committee Meeting


Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Lincoln Hancock Community School
7:00 p.m.

I. Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting and Executive Session Minutes for February 6, 2013.

II. Open Forum: An opportunity for community input regarding the Quincy Public Schools. After giving his or her name and address, each speaker may make a presentation of no more than four minutes to the School Committee. An individual may not exchange their time or yield to others.

III. Superintendent’s Report:

A. Read Across America

B. Upcoming Quincy School-Community Partnership Events

C. Go Math! Parent Information Night

D. High School Open Houses

E. Kindergarten Registration and Pre-Kindergarten Screenings

F. Special Olympics, Friday, March 8 at 9:00 am

G. MCAS ELA Long Composition, Tuesday, March 19 Full Day for Elementary

H. Snow Days/Last Day of School June 25

I. Winter Athletics Update

J. Special Election for U.S. Senator: Primary, April 20; Election, June 25

K. Assistant Superintendent Roberts Retirement

IV. Old Business:

V. New Business:

A. Gateway Cities Grant - Mrs. Mary Fredrickson, Ms. Beth Hallett

B. Administrative Team Organization/Initiatives - Assistant Superintendent Colleen Roberts

C. Out of State Travel: Bernazzani Elementary School to Canobie Lake Park in Windham, New Hampshire on June 25, 2013.

VI. Additional Business:

VII. Communications:

VIII. Reports of Subcommittees:

  1. Central Building Committee: Mrs. Mahoney to report on the February 25, 2013 meeting.

  2. Teaching and Learning/Policy Subcommittee: Mrs. Lebo to report on the March 4, 2013 meeting.

  3. Policy Subcommittee: Mr. Bregoli to report on the March 5, 2013 meeting

IX. Executive Session: None

X. Adjournment:

Subcommittees of the School Committee

Subcommittee Items

Budget & Finance

School Facilities & Security

  1. Sterling Building Plans Referred to Subcommittee by the School Building Task Force in 1998.

  2. Coddington Hall Referred to Subcommittee at the May 18, 2011 School Committee Meeting. The City of Quincy has appropriated funds to refurbish Coddington Hall to serve as the Quincy Public Schools administrative offices. Wessling Architects has completed the design phase of the project and construction bids are scheduled to go out in early October. All bids being in order, construction should begin in January 2013.

  3. Houses on Saville Avenue Referred to Subcommittee at the May 18, 2011 School Committee Meeting. Currently home to the City’s Public Building department, the School Committee and Superintendent see no future educational uses for these properties.

  4. Outside Lighting Audit Referred to Subcommittee at the February 8, 2012 School Committee Meeting. To address safety concerns, an audit was requested to look for lights that need repair or replacement and locations that would benefit from additional lighting.

  5. President’s City Inn Referred to Subcommittee at the October 10, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Safety concerns have been expressed about this property that abuts the new Central Middle School. 

  6. Classroom Door Locks Referred to Subcommittee at the January 23, 2013 School Committee Meeting. Review of current status by school underway as well as cost estimates for upgrading all schools to meet recommended standards.

  7. School Lobby Security Controls Referred to Subcommittee at the January 23, 2013 School Committee Meeting. Review of existing visitor protocols, with special consideration of current high school policies and discussion of enhancements moving forward for all schools.

Health, Transportation & Safety

  1. School Meal Charges Referred to Subcommittee at the March 21, 2012 School Committee Meeting. New state and federal regulations require formalization of the school meal charges policy.

  2. Science Lab Safety: Referred from the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee at the April 2, 2012 meeting. High School and High School Science labs have been reviewed and needed updates for compliance completed as of September 24, 2012 Special School Committee Meeting. Monitoring of supplies will be handled by High School Safety Team; need similar plan for Middle Schools.

  3. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Referred to Subcommittee at the September 24, 2012 Special School Committee Meeting. Student Support Services working with Lincoln Hancock, Clifford Marshall, and Parker Elementary Schools on piloting this initiative.

School Policy

  1. Graduation Requirements Referred to Subcommittee at the September 7, 2011 School Committee Meeting and discussed at the October 11, 2011 School Policy Subcommittee. The discussion centered around adding a fourth year of Math as a graduation requirement; the issue is tabled until more is known about the impact of the new Common Core Standards on the Massachusetts frameworks.

  2. New Educator Evaluations Referred at the September 7, 2011 School Committee Meeting and shared with the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee. Further discussion will be held in joint Subcommittee Meetings and Executive Session as it pertains to collective bargaining.

  3. High School Community Service Referred to Subcommittee at the December 14, 2011 School Committee Meeting. A resolution was introduced proposing a Community Service requirement; pilot program for Grades 10 and 11 is underway for 2012-2013 school year.

  4. Conflict of Interest: Volunteering, Tutoring, Hiring Referred to Subcommittee at the January 11, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Review and discussion of existing policy requested.

  5. Adding CPR as a Graduation Requirement Referred to Subcommittee at the March 21, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Review and discussion of existing policy requested.

  6. Exempting Student Athletes from Physical Education Requirement Referred at the May 2, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Student athletes who compete in three seasons of athletics with parent permission and maintenance of academic eligibility, would not be required to take Physical Education classes. Review and discussion of existing policy requested.

  7. Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities Referred at the June 13, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Review and discussion of amending the existing policy requested to explore the possibility of raising revenue by accepting advertising sponsorships.

Special Education

  1. Substitute Teachers for SPED Originally referred to Subcommittee at the January 17, 2007 School Committee Meeting. At the Special School Committee Meeting on January 28, 2012 and the Special Education Subcommittee meeting on February 1, 2012, it was agreed that some progress has been made in the way that substitute teachers are informed and educated about accommodations for special needs issues. A form has been developed for classroom teachers to share information and the goal for implementation is the 2012-2013 school year.

  2. Special Education Program Assessment Referred to Subcommittee at the January 28, 2012 Special School Committee Meeting. This will be an ongoing discussion of the curriculum initiatives for Special Education.

Rules, Post Audit & Oversight

Teaching and Learning 

  1. New Educator Evaluations Referred at the September 7, 2011 School Committee Meeting and shared with the School Policy Subcommittee. Two meetings have already been held to begin exploring the requirements of the new regulations (9/21/11 Ad Hoc Subcommittee meeting and February 13, 2012 Teaching and Learning Subcommittee meeting) and further discussion will be held in joint Subcommittee meetings and Executive Session as it pertains to collective bargaining.

  2. Media Specialists in Elementary and Middle Schools Referred at the January 23, 2012 School Committee Meeting. The Citywide Parents’ Council presented a signed petition representing the request to restore these positions in the FY2014 budget and seek additional funding to address the positions for the remainder of the
    2012-2013 school year.

Ad Hoc Committees:

Channel 22

Created at the October 27, 2007 School Committee meeting to encourage the greater use of Channel 22 across Quincy Public Schools.

Central Building Committee

Athletic Rules

Created at the October 24, 2012 School Committee meeting to continue discussion on Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association rules.


Quincy, Massachusetts - March 6, 2013
Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Regular Meeting

A regular meeting of the Quincy School Committee was held on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 At the Lincoln Hancock Community School. Present were Mr. Paul Bregoli, Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Mayor Thomas Koch, Mrs. Emily Lebo, Mrs. Anne Mahoney, Mr. David McCarthy, and Ms. Barbara Isola, Vice Chair.

Vice-Chair Presiding

- - -

There was a moment of silence for Mrs. Marie Smith, former teacher at Broad Meadows and Special Education parent activist.

The Superintendent called the roll and all members were present. Also present were: Dr. Richard DeCristofaro, Secretary; Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk; Ms. Christine Barrett, Mr. Michael Draicchio, Mrs. Jennifer Fay-Beers, Mrs. Mary Fredrickson, Ms. Beth Hallett, Mrs. Jane Kisielius, Mr. James Mullaney, Mr. Kevin Mulvey, Ward 4 City Councilor Brian Palmucci, Mrs. Maura Papile, Assistant Superintendent Colleen Roberts, Mr. Frank Santoro, Ms. Maura Shaughnessy, Mr. Lawrence Taglieri, Ms. Judy Todd, Mrs. Ruth Witmer; Ms. Allison Cox, President, Quincy Education Association, Mrs. Tracey Christello, Citywide Parents’ Council Representative, and Ms. Jill Gichuhi, President, Quincy Parent Advisory Council to Special Education.

- - -

Regular Meeting Minutes Approved 2/6/2013

Mr. McCarthy made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Hubley, to approve the Regular Meeting minutes for February 6, 2013. On a voice vote, the ayes have it.

Executive Session Minutes Approved 2/6/2013

Mrs. Lebo made a motion, seconded by Mr. Bregoli, to approve the Executive Session minutes for February 6, 2013. On a voice vote, the ayes have it.

- - -

Open Forum

Ms. Jill Gichuhi announced the Quincy Parent Advisory Council to Special Education (QPAC) Resource Fair, which will be held on Monday, March 25 at Quincy High School; over 45 agencies who provide assistance to students and families will be there. See for more information.

Ms. Diane Hill welcomed the members of School Committee to Lincoln Hancock, and reminded them about the media specialist petition that was presented at the January 23, 2013 meeting and noted that additional signatures have been gathered that will be submitted. She invited the members of the School Committee to tour the Lincoln Hancock library, home to 17,000 volumes, and currently organized by dedicated parent volunteers.

- - -

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent DeCristofaro began his report by introducing Lincoln Hancock Community School Principal Ruth Witmer, who welcomed the Mayor, School Committee, Superintendent, and members of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team to Lincoln Hancock. The Lincoln Hancock Grade 4 Peer Leaders explained the concept of Lincoln Hancock School PRIDE and the character traits associated with each letter, including Perserverance, Politeness; Responsibility, Respect; Innovation, Industrious; Dependable, Determined; and Effort, Encouragement. After a short recess, the Superintendent resumed his report.

Dr. DeCristofaro then recognized Assistant Superintendent Colleen Roberts, who shared the news of her planned retirement at the end of this school year. Mrs. Roberts has been a member of the Quincy Public Schools staff for over 40 years as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, curriculum director, and assistant superintendent. She spoke of working with the School Committee and Mayor who have prioritized education and the Quincy Public Schools, and the Mayors and School Committees of the past. Mrs. Roberts noted that she is a QPS graduate and student taught in QPS before becoming a teacher. She thanked the School Community for the opportunity and the colleagues she has had the pleasure to work with over the many years.

Mrs. Lebo noted that the School Committee has depended on Mrs. Robert to help them understand many issues and initiatives over the years. Mayor Koch thanked Mrs. Roberts for her diligence in every role she has had in the Quincy Public Schools. Mrs. Mahoney, who first met Mrs. Roberts as the principal of the Beechwood Knoll Elementary School and was later happy to welcome her to the Superintendent’s Leadership Tem, wished her the best in her retirement. Ms. Isola thanked Mrs. Roberts for her ability to simplify complex issues for School Committee consumption and her common sense. She noted that Mrs. Roberts must have been a great teacher and wished her a long and healthy retirement.

Superintendent DeCristofaro continued by noting that information about Read Across America Activities at all elementary schools was shared with the School Committee. The activities are supported by guest readers from the School Committee, state delegation, city officials, and business partners. A revised calendar of Quincy School-Community Partnership events was provided to School Committee the School Committee and the Superintendent noted that a new event for this year is the Student Athlete Summit, a joint effort between Quincy Medical Center, YMCA, and Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Team to work with our high school student athletic leaders on such issues as injury prevention and awareness and character development.

Almost 700 student-athletes in middle and high school participated in Winter Sports this past season. Several teams played in the Division tournaments, including both Boys and Girls Basketball teams from North Quincy High School and Quincy High School and the North Quincy High School Boys Hockey team. The North Quincy High School Boys Basketball team is playing in the South District 1 Final on Saturday, March 9 at UMass Boston.

The Middle School Swimming Championship will be held on Saturday, April 6 at the Lincoln Hancock Pool. In partnership with the YMCA, 80 students from Grades 3-5 at Lincoln Hancock and Sterling are participating in a Learn to Swim program on early release Tuesdays. Quincy High School student Amelia Wool initiated a Quincy High School Learn to Swim program where 40 students are being instructed at the YMCA pool. During February vacation week, Mr. McGillicudy and swim team members from both high schools coached 30 middle school students in a competitive skills clinic. Work is underway for developing a vacation week program for the April recess and also collaboration with the Quincy Recreation program on enhancing summer Learn to Swim and other programs at the Lincoln Hancock Pool.

Dr. DeCristofaro noted that additional items shared with the School Committee include the Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Team newsletter; examples of HomeSchool Connections through Newsletters from Atherton Hough and Beechwood Knoll Elementary Schools; and the flyer announcing the QPAC Resource Fair on March 25.

Recent QPS Events include the Go Math! Parent Information night held at the Clifford Marshall School on Monday, March 4 and attended by close to 100 parents. The Kiwanis Junior Heroes breakfast was held last Saturday, March 2, a great event recognizing students and families, supported by school administrators and staff. Course selection information nights were held at both high schools on Monday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 5 and Kindergarten Registration began on Tuesday, March 5. Upcoming events include the rescheduled Winter Special Olympics on Friday, March 8 at 9:00 am at the Squantum School; Central Middle School’s Fashion Show Thursday, March 7 at 6:00 and 7:30 pm; and the North Quincy High School production of All Shook Up with performances March 7 through March 9. The Superintendent concluded his report by noting that almost fifty Grade 10-11 female students from both high schools will be attending a Leadership in Action conference at Curry College.

- - -

New Business

Gateway Citites Grant

Directory of Assessment and Analysis Mary Fredrickson and Curriculum Coordinator Beth Hallett presented on the recently received state Gateway Cities Grant. Mrs. Fredrickson explained that the Gateway Cities were so designated by the state legislature based on criteria of population, median income, and educational opportunities. The Gateway Cities education agenda supports the development and implementation of local strategies, focused on English Language Learners and closing achievement gaps. Quincy Public Schools wrote a grant proposal for and was awarded a $214,609 grant for a English Language Learners Academy for the purpose of engaging middle and high school ELL students. This will be a full-day summer program, engage partner organizations, measure student progress, and the emphasis will be on selecting a diverse group of professionals to service this population.

Ms. Hallett outlined that the program is an 18-day program for low-, middle-, and high-fluency students, with appropriate instruction and support. The program’s focus is English language production with a final written project. Speaking and writing, especially in areas that require academic language, are the biggest challenge, reading being the more easily achieved skill. English Language Learners will engage with Quincy’s rich history and marine environment in Science and Social Studies classes. There will be pre- and post-assessments and project celebrations. QPS collaborated with English Language Learner (ELL) and content-area teachers, Quincy Asian Resources (QARI), and the Quincy Historical Society. A target population was identified (students will be invited), a highinterest program model was created, and performance assessments were outlined. Each section of the SWELL (Speaking and Writing for English Language Learners) Academy will be implemented in collaboration with an ELL teacher, a content-area teacher, and a QARI partner/mentor. The planning process is underway, as is recruiting facilitators and teachers. Students will be invited in mid-April and selected teachers will be attending professional development on WIDA and Curriculum writing. The Quincy Historical Society will be assisting with planning and curriculum development. A sample schedule was shared and the connections to WIDA frameworks shown to be opportunities for teachers to collaborate in ways not available during the standard school day.

Mrs. Lebo complimented the plan and asked for the target number of students. Ms. Hallett said that 261 students (160 middle, 101 high school) will be invited and the hope is that 120 students will attend. Mr. McCarthy reiterated Mrs. Lebo’s compliments and especially the connections to Quincy’s history and marine environment. Mrs. Mahoney was glad to see the performance assessments being used as benchmarks. She asked about a student who might move into the city and would they be able to become eligible for the program. Ms. Hallett said that there are other assessments beyond WIDA that can be used to screen additional students. Mrs. Mahoney asked if there would be any effort to carry this forward into the school year. Ms. Hallett said that data would be shared with each student’s school so that any gains could be recognized in their work for the new school year. Mrs. Mahoney asked if the program would interact with the high school Creek to Harbor program. Mrs. Fredrickson said the focus of that program has shifted and it will be held in a different location. The staffs of both programs will work together to share information and curriculum development. The Creek to Harbor staff from both high schools were very helpful in the development of this grant.

Mayor Koch stated that the city has been very successful in securing other grants through the Gateway Cities program and thanked Governor Patrick and his administration for providing these opportunities. The Mayor also complimented the topic selection and this program as being another step in successfully assisting our newest citizens to transition.

Ms. Isola asked if this was a single or multi-year grant. Ms. Hallett said the initial award is for single year, but there may be opportunities for renewal. Mrs. Fredrickson spoke of the unique opportunity for Social Studies teachers to work together to develop this curriculum and then bring the innovations back to their own elementary and middle schools. Ms. Isola asked about family involvement and Ms. Hallett said there will be a parent orientation and families will be included in the project celebration. Ms. Isola invited Mrs. Fredrickson and Ms. Hallett to present at a Fall School Committee meeting on the program’s success.

Dr. DeCristofaro asked Ms. Hallett to expand on Quincy Asian Resource’s many efforts on behalf of QPS. Ms. Hallett said that among other services, they provide translation services for parent-teacher conferences and other educational meetings; host newcomer orientation meetings twice yearly at each high school; staff a mentor program at Atlantic Middle School; and present seminars for high school students for career option exposure and college preparation nights including financial aid seminars in multiple languages.

- - -

Administrative Initiatives

Assistant Superintendent Colleen Roberts presented on the Administrative Initiatives currently being undertaken by the SLT and Principal Team. Under Leadership/ Governance/Communication is the Budget process, a collaboration between Principals, the Superintendent’s Leadership Team, and School Committee. Work is done to assess school population and changing needs for classroom teachers, academic programs, academic support, and non-academic support and services. For Curriculum and Instruction, there is the ongoing Common Core State Standards implementation and the assessment of curriculum, standards mapping, and pacing. A Literacy Plan Needs Assessment Survey is underway in collaboration with the HILL for Literacy. There is a new initiative for PreKindergarten called QRIS; NAEYC accreditation will be underway for all elementary and pre-schools over the next two years.

For Assessment and Program Evaluation, there is a new assessment for Kindergarten called MKEA which will begin in Fall 2014. Kindergarten teachers will be evaluating the two assessment tools to choose which to implement. DSAC Collaboration between regular and Special Education is focusing on Mathematics at middle school level. New Assessments include the transition from MCAS to PARCC, ACCESS for ELL students and the accompanying AMAO report, and potentially developing improvement plans.

For Human Resource Management/Professional Development, the main focus is the new Educator Evaluation system, training and implementation soon to be underway. Instruction for RETELL certification has begun with winter and summer sessions already filled for this rigorous course. Contracts and evaluations are completed; open positions will be posted for the Quincy High School principal and Athletic Director positions. The Special Education and English Language Learner programs are undergoing the Coordinated Program Review (CPR) in 2013-2014.

For Access/Participation/Student Support, in response to new state legislation, new reporting for School Safety Discipline issues training was held on March 6. The Positive Behavioral Incentive System is being piloted in three elementary schools; Health and Wellness initiatives continue with the support of subcommittee, system-level and school Wellness teams. The Concussion Policy due to be reevaluated in 2014 and the Medical Emergency Response Plans were submitted last September and are due to be reviewed and resubmitted in 2015.

For Financial Asset Management/Efficiency, the 3-year Technology Plan and revised Acceptable Use Policy are due to be submitted to DESE in June 2013. Wireless access points and guest networks to be added to all schools in the next year; seven schools to be completed by June 2013 and the remaining schools to be upgraded in 2013-2014 school year. Construction initiatives include the new Central Middle School, the Massachusetts School Building Authority Statements of Interest for Sterling and window replacements for Wollaston, Merrymount, and North Quincy High School. Facilities and Security issues are constantly being evaluated and prioritized as they arise.

Mrs. Mahoney thanked Mrs. Roberts for the information and noted that the volume of assessment is increasing and the incredible amount of effort to roll out all of these initiatives. She asked about the posting for the Assistant Superintendent position; Dr/ DeCristofaro answered that it should be similar timeline to the other positions.

Mayor Koch thanked for Mrs. Roberts for the comprehensive report and asked about the Athletic Director posting. He would like to have a discussion about changing the type of position to be a part-time position in each building. Dr. DeCristofaro has sought the input of both high school principals and will be speaking with Mr. Rendle as well. Mrs. Mahoney suggested that the issue be put into the Budget and Finance Subcommittee for discussion. Mrs. Lebo suggested that this be added to the Athletics Rules Subcommittee meeting on March 25. Mr. McCarthy agreed that this would be an appropriate starting point and then it could be moved to Budget and Finance. Mayor Koch said that this should be a budgetneutral issue; Mrs. Mahoney asked for financial supporting information to substantiate this discussion.

Mrs. Lebo asked to recognize the teachers, principals, administrators, and Dr. DeCristofaro for responding to the incredible number of initiatives and mandates from the state and federal governments. Mrs. Lebo said that Quincy Public Schools’ ability to continue to deliver the educational quality that we do in the face of these constantly-shifting pressures is admirable and thanked Mrs. Roberts for keeping the School Committee so well-informed.

Mrs. Roberts noted that Aspen, the new student information system, will be presented on March 20 by Mr. Keith Segalla. Mr. McCarthy asked if Aspen is replacing the current student information system. Mrs. Roberts confirmed this and that data mapping and verification is the first piece of the transition.

Mr. Bregoli asked for further clarification of the Athletic Director idea and Ms. Isola asked to continue the discussion at the Athletics Rules Subcommittee meeting since this is not an item on tonight’s agenda.

- - -

Out of State Travel

Mr. McCarthy made a motion to approve the out of state travel of the Bernazzani Elementary School, Grade 5 students to Canobie Lake Park in Windham, NH on June 20, 2013. Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

- - -

Additional Business

Mayor Koch thanked Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Draicchio, Mr. Kevin Segalla and spoke of the work done to gather costs and options to handle the global security issues. Mayor Koch is planning to bring an appropriation before the City Council to upgrade all of the Quincy Public Schools buildings to address the global security concerns.

Mrs. Mahoney inquired whether there were security reports for all of the city’s Public Buildings that could be shared with the School Committee.

Mrs. Mahoney mentioned the letter sent to the Mayor and Superintendent praising Sterling Middle School secretary Kathy Scribi and her husband, John, a member of the Quincy Fire Department, for assisting at the scene of a drug overdose. Their quick actions contributed to saving the victim’s life.

- - -

Reports of Subcommittees

Central Building Committee

Mrs. Mahoney reviewed the Central Building Committee meeting that was held on Monday, February 25, 2013. The Building Committee had a presentation on the building materials, including wall colors, tile, furniture, and security. The move date is tentatively scheduled for mid-August; the building will be substantially completed with some finish work to ongoing in the fall.

- - -

Joint Teaching & Learning/Policy Subcommittee

Mrs. Lebo reviewed the joint Teaching and Learning/Policy Subcommittee Meeting that was held on March 4, 2013. The first item on the agenda was an update of the Quincy Public Schools planning for implementation of the new Educator Evaluation system in Fall 2013. Mrs. Roberts noted that Level 4 and Race to the Top districts are in the process of implementing the new Educator Evaluation system this school year; QPS is scheduled to begin in 2013-2014 and the implementation is phased in over two years (50% of staff evaluated each year). Mrs. Roberts shared information from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) website with the Subcommittees.

An Ad Hoc team with members of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team (SLT) and School Committee will work with the Quincy Education Association (QEA) on model contract language to be adopted by the Quincy Public Schools (QPS). Performance rubrics are very detailed; rubrics are available for superintendent, administrators, principals, teachers, and will be developed for other professional staff, including nurses, guidance counselors, and special education staff.

Extensive Educator Evaluation training is required by DESE for all evaluators. DESE has developed training for evaluators (11 hours) and teachers (a minimum of four hours). Since the beginning of December, SLT members have been evaluating model materials and gathering information about how implementation has gone with districts involved in this year’s rollout. There will be a full presentation and an update on negotiations, a draft timeline, and model contract language at the April 3 School Committee.

The next item on the agenda was a discussion about Media Specialists. Mrs. Lebo shared information from DESE including a Crosswalks/Common Core matrix for School Librarians, a sample job description, and the DESE standards for licensure. Mrs. Lebo requested that Ms. Owens research library staffing and budgets in other school districts, especially the Gateway cities, other cities and towns that are comparable demographically through DESE’s DART tool, MSBA model school communities, including Lynnfield and Natick, and neighboring communities.

Superintendent DeCristofaro reviewed that while the rebuilding from the staff positions cut in FY2010 continues, there are several programs that have not yet been reinstated, in addition to the Media Specialists: Middle School Reading, Technology, and Grade 7 Foreign Language; and High School Health. As part of the recent contract negotiations with QEA, each elementary school will receive a building support teacher to assist with restoring elementary teacher planning time and professional development. In addition, this position will provide library support – during the school day, and possibly after school and open library opportunities in the summer. The support teachers will be licensed teachers, hired by each elementary school’s principal. Dr. DeCristofaro and Mrs. Roberts met with an Ad Hoc team of Elementary principals and they shared ideas about how these teachers would provide library and technology support.

Mayor Koch made a motion to approve the March 4, 2013 Teaching and Learning Subcommittee Meeting minutes. Mrs. Mahoney seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

The next Teaching and Learning Subcommittee has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 19 at 5:00 pm.

- - -

The next item on the agenda was the report of the Policy Subcommittee meeting, which was postponed until March 28, 2013. A report will be presented at the April 3 School Committee meeting.

- - -


Mayor Koch made a motion to adjourn at 9:00 p.m. The motion was seconded by Mr. McCarthy and on a voice vote, the ayes have it 7-0. There was no Executive Session.