Safety and Security

Michael Draicchio

Director of Transportation, Safety & Security

Mission Statement:

The Quincy Public Schools Safety and Security Department's
role is to ensure a safe, secure and friendly educational environment
for all students, faculty, and staff of the Quincy Public Schools.

We provide a highly visible, professional, competent, and courteous service. The Safety and Security Department distributes information and assistance to the school community by sustaining the integrity of Quincy Public Schools rules and regulations through necessary and appropriate enforcement actions. This allows our security department to establish and maintain communication and coordination with local, state, and federal agencies with respect to safety & security planning and response.

Director's Message:

It is a Privilege to be the Director of Safety, Security and Transportation in The Quincy Public Schools. The outstanding Security staff, administration and secretarial staff are diligent in providing a culture of safety, security and quality service to all the students and families of Quincy.

The Security Department does not meet with success in isolation. The administrators,teachers, and clerical staff play a vital role. Additionally, the Quincy Police Department staff including the Chief of Police, our School Resource officers, and our DARE officers are always assisting the staff and students of the school system.

We are grateful for our security round table team members. We continue to depend on them to provide an invaluable service to many of our students, staff and administrators of the Quincy Public Schools.

As our Quincy Public Schools Mission States: In order to accomplish our mission, staff, parents, and students must work in a collaboration of effort and trust with open communication.

It is with that collaboration communication and trust that we will work towards success.