LEAP Program at QPS

What is the Leap Program?

The Learn Explore Achieve Plan (LEAP) program at Quincy College provides a college experience to high school students with intellectual/developmental disabilities. LEAP students are 18–21 years old and are receiving special education services under IDEA in their local school district. Each student who participates in the LEAP program will enroll at Quincy College for one/two college course(s) in the fall semester and one/two college course(s) in the spring semester. In addition, LEAP students will also participate in career and academic counseling with Quincy’s LEAP Coordinator, campus/city internships, Transition Topics sessions, and meet with peer mentors. The ultimate goal of the LEAP program is to prepare students for paid employment through the promotion of self-determination, self-advocacy, increased independence, and improvement of social skills.

Program Components

  • Enroll in one/two college course per-semester*

  • Monthly participation in Transition Topic Seminars

  • Weekly or biweekly meetings with Coordinator and education coach

  • Weekly or biweekly meetings with a peer mentor

  • Identification of goals that support greater independence, personal interests, and career skills

  • On-campus/city internship when available