5th Grade Leadership Summit

5th Grade Leadership Summit
Posted on 02/15/2024
Two high school students and 16 5th graders sit cross-legged in a circle.

Quincy Public Schools proudly hosted our annual Fifth Grade Student Council Leadership Summit, bringing together 5th grade Student Council leaders from across the district today. We were thrilled to have our NQHS and QHS Senior Class Officers, our partners from the Hale Family YMCA, and Jennifer Barr, Director of Communications - Stop and Shop Companies, join us for this special event.

Our student leaders started the day with a delicious breakfast and leadership activities, led by our partners at the YMCA and our high school class officers, that encouraged teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. The energy in the room was fantastic as our 5th graders got acquainted with each other and worked together on each of their group activities.

The highlight of the event was the remarks from our community leaders, including Ms. Barr and Ciara Golden, QHS Senior Class President. They shared their insights and experiences on leadership, inspiring our students to strive for kindness and a genuine interest in--and respect for--their teams as they hone their leadership skills.

The event concluded with a presentation of leadership awards from each school's principal, recognizing the outstanding contributions of our student leaders. We are incredibly proud of all our students and can't wait to see what the future holds for these remarkable young leaders!

Our Participants:

Atherton Hough: Ronan Kehoe, Maggie Reilly, Mila Satkevich, River Trousdale, Peyton Willette

Beechwood Knoll: Mateo Ballestas, Penelope Thang, Katalyna Guinto, Catherine Zou, Matthias Jae

Bernazzani: Exsaviel Jaime, Kathleen Nguyen, Ayla Griffith, Brayden Hudach, Emma Ovalle

Merrymount: Matthew Chamberlain, Siya Tandon, Mila Sturtevant, Ridhunesh Manimekalai Vijayamuthan, Alexander McNamara, Clara Blaikie

Montclair: Maggie Chen, Sadie Walsh, Allison Nguyen, Duncan Chan, Erin Zou, Anni Wang, Ali Muhammad Amjad, Emily Lin

Parker: Mingxuan Wu, Angie Murray, Cynthia Zou, Hailey Chen, Flynn Riley

Point Webster: Zadie Alves, Charlotte Gonzalez-Osorio, Afnan Hajji, Valentina Velasquez-Ruiz, Katrina Roust

Snug Harbor: Nooran Naes, Kate Chen, Queenie Huang, Elijah Hannibal, Horace Huang

South-West: Conan Ng, Henrry Fonseca Sampaio, Noah Andrade, Jayli Yu, Sofia Perez Rodriguez, Sadie Johnson

Squantum: Kaeden Douglas, Mary Bonczar, Olivia Johnson, Margie Wales, JJ (John) Healy, Jaxon McCarty

Wollaston: Maya Witsil, Yamila Felix, Liam Berger, Mavis Liu, Mekah Whyte, Nicola Flynn